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About Ang's Errands

In this difficult time we are facing, it is natural to be fearful for one's safety as well as our loved ones.  We have no clue if someone who might not know they are infected has touched a product we want, or if the cashier may be infected, or even the bags, which someone may have coughed or sneezed near.  It is my mission to make all those un-knowns go away.  I take extreme meticulous measures to ensure that whatever goes into your home is as germ-free as is possible.  (Please read testimonial for details.)  I am a 'golden-rule girl', so I can assure you that whatever errands I do for you will be done as if they are my own, paying great attention to detail.  It is my hope that I can bring some peace of mind to each of my valued clients as we weather this storm together.  


We are facing a difficult time right now.  Instead of feeling helpless, I decided to try to make a difference.  I felt that surely there was something I could do to be a part of the solution.  I understand how risky it is for people with health issues to be out in public.  I myself have an extreme special needs daughter who is at great risk, due to lung damage from so many bouts with pneumonia.  As an infant, so much as a cold could cause her demise, so I am very well-educated and well-practiced in keeping germs at bay.  She is almost 17 now, so I hope that says something.  I also worked in the medical field for almost 20 years.  I want to give you as much assurance as is possible in this situation, that what comes into your home is virus-free.  I take several precautions for the best possible results.  As well as wearing gloves at all times and changing them frequently, I use my own bags, which are sealed in an airtight container and are not removed until I check out at the register.  I then sanitize each product and transfer them to yet another bag.  Sure, you can order groceries online, but who has touched your products?  Who has sneezed around the bags they will be placed into?  We have the same issue with products that are shipped.  I am a meticulous shopper, and choose only the best quality and quantity, as well as packaging.  I will do everything within my power to protect you from others' germs, as well as protect you from me.


I realize there are no guarantees here, but it is my mission to bring at least some peace of mind to each of my valued clients.  I wish to be the helping hand that can make a difference.  If you are sick, please don't let that prevent you from asking for help.  Extra precautions CAN be taken.  If you suffer from health issues other than this virus, I am here for you too.  Take comfort in knowing I will go to extreme meticulous measures to ensure your safety. I believe with all my heart that God will protect and bless this service and all involved.  He may have chosen me for this mission, but there is NO DOUBT it is His mission, and it is to Him I give all glory and credit.

Angie Kasey


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Service fee is $30 dollars to cover expenses, i.e., gas, disinfecting supplies, etc.  Total price will vary according to task.  Things are tough enough, and I am here to help, not make it tougher.  Please don't hesitate to contact me, even if you are sufering financially as well,as I will be fair and work with you. 

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